50 Cities & Towns with the Most Beautiful Rooftops in the US

Last updated on August 4, 2023

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these cities and towns in the US have the most beautiful rooftops. As roofing geeks, we can’t help but fall in love with their architecture and historical significance.

The Top 50:

  1. Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston’s historic downtown is a palette of colorful pastel houses with distinct rooftops that stand out against the bright blue sky. Known as the “Holy City,” many buildings are topped with weathervanes, cupolas, and intricate roofing designs, giving the city a timeless charm.
  2. Santa Fe, New Mexico – Santa Fe’s unique Pueblo-style architecture translates into beautiful flat rooftop designs. The adobe structures provide a distinctive view that blends seamlessly into the city’s desert surroundings, creating a beautiful skyline and a visually engaging environment.
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana – With an eclectic blend of French, Spanish, and Creole architecture, the rooftops of New Orleans are as diverse as the city itself. From wrought-iron embellishments of the French Quarter to the ornate turrets in the Garden District, these beautiful rooftops contribute to the city’s vibrant and unique character.
  4. Annapolis, Maryland – Known as “America’s Sailing Capital,” Annapolis boasts a beautiful array of 18th-century brick buildings with traditional gabled roofs. The city’s historic district, with its white or red rooftops, often seen from the harbor, gives a postcard-perfect view.
  5. San Francisco, California – San Francisco’s painted ladies, rows of Victorian and Edwardian houses with elaborate detailing and multi-colored facades, are an iconic sight. Their intricate, gabled rooftops lend a distinctive look to the city, especially from vantage points like Alamo Square.
  6. St. Augustine, Florida – The oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine, presents a mix of Spanish Colonial and Moorish Revival architecture. The cityscape is dominated by coquina walls and red-tile roofs, contributing to a picturesque and historic view.
  7. Sedona, Arizona – Sedona’s buildings adhere to a strict color code to blend in with the surrounding red-rock desert landscape. The red-tile rooftops mesh perfectly with the natural environment, creating a beautiful, harmonious vista.
  8. Nantucket, Massachusetts – Known for its New England style architecture, Nantucket is famous for its gray-shingled houses with sloping roofs. Often adorned with weathervanes and surrounded by beautiful gardens, these rooftops add to the island’s quaint and charming appeal.
  9. Telluride, Colorado – Telluride’s historic district is dotted with Victorian-era houses, replete with steep, sloping roofs designed for heavy snowfall. These rooftops, set against the backdrop of the San Juan Mountains, offer a stunning view, particularly in winter when they’re dusted with snow.
  10. Savannah, Georgia – Savannah’s historic district, one of the largest in the U.S., is known for its beautiful array of antebellum architecture. The silver tin roofs, common in the city, reflect sunlight and provide a gleaming spectacle, adding to the city’s charm and grandeur.
  11. Taos, New Mexico – Taos Pueblo has multi-story adobe buildings with flat rooftops that reflect the area’s Native American history and provide a stunning view against the desert landscape.
  12. Key West, Florida – The island’s many conch houses with their gabled roofs and tropical color schemes make for a truly unique and beautiful skyline.
  13. Boston, Massachusetts – The Beacon Hill neighborhood, in particular, has brick row houses with beautiful, steeply pitched rooftops and ornate dormer windows.
  14. Aspen, Colorado – The mountain town is full of log cabins and chalets with snow-touched roofs, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.
  15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city’s many colonial-era buildings have beautiful, traditional rooftops, particularly in Society Hill.
  16. Montpelier, Vermont – As the smallest state capital in the US, Montpelier offers a quaint skyline dominated by the golden dome of the state capitol and many classic New England style houses.
  17. Portland, Maine – The Old Port area has many older buildings with flat roofs and widow’s walk railings, reflecting the city’s maritime history.
  18. Madison, Wisconsin – The city’s Isthmus area has many Prairie School style homes with distinctive horizontal rooflines.
  19. Chicago, Illinois – Chicago’s many bungalows, especially on the South Side, have charming hipped roofs with dormer windows.
  20. Mobile, Alabama – The city’s historic districts have many Southern style mansions with gabled roofs and widow’s walks.
  21. Eureka Springs, Arkansas – This Victorian-era town is full of houses with intricate rooftops, cupolas, and towers.
  22. Galena, Illinois – This historic town is known for its Main Street lined with 19th-century buildings boasting beautiful, steeply pitched rooftops.
  23. Portsmouth, New Hampshire – The seacoast town has many colonial-era homes with gabled rooftops and distinctive chimneys.
  24. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia – This historic town is full of 19th-century buildings with beautiful sloping roofs, set against the scenic backdrop of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers.
  25. Mackinac Island, Michigan – The island’s Victorian-era houses, especially the iconic Grand Hotel with its sprawling porch, boast beautiful rooftops.
  26. Salem, Massachusetts – Known for its Witch Trials, the town also has many colonial-era homes with gabled roofs.
  27. Newport, Rhode Island – The city’s many Gilded Age mansions boast some of the most opulent rooftops, towers, and turrets in the country.
  28. Baltimore, Maryland – The city’s Fells Point neighborhood has many historic row houses with distinctive, steeply sloping rooftops.
  29. San Juan Capistrano, California – This town is famous for its Spanish Mission architecture, featuring clay tile roofs and whitewashed walls.
  30. Leavenworth, Washington – This town is modeled after a Bavarian village and features many buildings with German-style pitched roofs and colorful façades.
  31. Helen, Georgia – Similar to Leavenworth, this town is styled after an alpine village and has many buildings with beautiful, steep rooftops.
  32. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California – Many buildings in this seaside town have charming, fairy-tale-like cottage rooftops, complete with thatched roofs and whimsical chimneys.
  33. Fredericksburg, Texas – The town’s many German-style buildings have beautiful, sloping rooftops that reflect the area’s German heritage.
  34. Cape May, New Jersey – This seaside resort is full of Victorian-era houses with intricate rooftops, towers, and turrets.
  35. Burlington, Vermont – The Hill Section has many historic homes with beautiful, traditional rooftops.
  36. Fayetteville, Arkansas – The town’s historic districts have many Southern-style homes with beautiful, steeply pitched roofs.
  37. Flagstaff, Arizona – This mountain town is full of log cabins and Southwest style homes with distinctive rooftops.
  38. Hudson, New York – This upstate town is full of beautifully restored Victorian-era homes with intricate rooftops.
  39. Georgetown, Colorado – This historic mining town has many 19th-century buildings with gabled roofs and distinctive chimney pots.
  40. Franklin, Tennessee – This charming Southern town has many historic homes with beautiful, traditional rooftops.
  41. Williamsburg, Virginia – The colonial-era buildings in the historic area have beautiful, traditional rooftops.
  42. Jackson, Wyoming – This mountain town is full of log cabins with steep, snow-touched rooftops, creating a beautiful skyline against the backdrop of the Teton Mountains.
  43. Cripple Creek, Colorado – This former gold mining camp has many late 19th-century buildings with sloping roofs.
  44. Ocean Grove, New Jersey – This small shore town is known for its Victorian houses and ornate “Tent City,” creating a unique and charming skyline.
  45. Winchester, Virginia – The city’s historic district has many beautiful Federal-style buildings with gabled roofs.
  46. Saratoga Springs, New York – This historic spa town has many beautiful Victorian-era homes with distinctive rooftops.
  47. Manchester, Vermont – The town’s many white clapboard houses and churches with steeply pitched roofs create a quintessentially Vermont skyline.
  48. San Antonio, Texas – The city’s historic districts have many Spanish Colonial-style homes with flat, red-tiled roofs.
  49. Fairhope, Alabama – This charming Southern town has many homes with gabled roofs and beautiful widow’s walks.
  50. Manteo, North Carolina – This coastal town is full of charming Victorian houses with gabled rooftops and colorful façades.

How We Came Up with This List

Coming up with a list like this is not an easy feat. After all, who’s to tell why one rooftop is more beautiful than the other? Here are the criteria used:

  1. Architectural Style: Each of these towns or cities has a distinctive architectural style that influences the design of their rooftops. Whether it’s the adobe structures in Santa Fe, Victorian-era buildings in San Francisco, or the New England style houses in Nantucket, the unique styles contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the rooftops.
  2. Historical Significance: Many of the places on the list have a rich history that’s reflected in their architecture. For example, St. Augustine’s Spanish Colonial and Moorish Revival architecture stems from its history as the oldest city in the U.S.
  3. Geographical and Environmental Considerations: The geographical location and environment of these places often dictate the type of rooftops. The rooftops in Aspen, for example, are designed to withstand heavy snowfall, while the red-tile rooftops in Sedona blend perfectly with the surrounding desert landscape.
  4. Cultural Influence: Cultural heritage can also play a significant role in the architectural design of a city. Cities like San Juan Capistrano and Fredericksburg showcase Spanish Mission and German-style architecture respectively, reflecting their cultural influences.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Ultimately, these rooftops have been chosen for their beauty and the visual impact they bring to their respective cities or towns. From colorful pastels in Charleston to the silver tin roofs in Savannah, these rooftops add a distinctive charm to the cityscape.

We’ve created this list to highlight various architectural styles across different regions in the U.S., but it may not encompass every beautiful rooftop in the country.