The Top 14 Roof Cornice Manufacturers

Last updated on September 19, 2023

Roof cornices are an essential architectural element that adds style and visual interest to buildings, and in this blog post, we’ll explore the top manufacturers of roof cornices.

The roof cornice is an architectural feature that can add a striking and elegant touch to any building. It not only serves as a decorative element, but also helps to protect the roofline from weather damage.

If you’re considering adding a roof cornice to your home or building project, it’s essential to choose the right manufacturer who can deliver high-quality products that meet your design requirements and withstand the test of time. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes a great roof cornice manufacturer, and how they can help enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your property.

So sit tight, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of roofing design!

Stromberg Architectural Products

Contact phone: (903) 454-0904

Services provided:

  • Over 400 standard designs
  • One of a kind custom designs
  • A wide range of finishes and textures
  • Material selection: GFRC Cornice and GFRP Cornice
  • Applications: Church Cornices, Custom Cornice, Government Cornices, Hospitality Cornices, Renovation Cornice, Residential Cornice, Exterior Cornice, and Interior Cornice.

This company is a reputable and experienced roof cornice manufacturer with an impressive portfolio of over 400 standard and custom designs. They offer a vast range of finishes and textures, catering to various applications such as Church Cornices, Government Cornices, and Residential Cornices.

Their quality work can be seen in significant projects such as the Federal Reserve Bank in St.Louis, Alexandria Towers Hotel/Condo in Alexandria Virginia, and The Cheesecake Factory in Southlake Texas. Whether it’s for exterior or interior use, their GFRC or GFRP Cornice material selection is versatile enough to match their client’s vision while enhancing the visual appeal of any building they work on.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc.


Contact phone: (216) 641-8300

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Fiberglass (FRP) cornice manufacturing
  • Replication of various finishes including cast iron, terra cotta, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, copper, steel, wood, sheet metal, and other popular building materials
  • Customization of gel coat to match any color or other decorative elements on the building
  • Incorporation of metallic flakes, granite, glass, and natural stone aggregates into the finish of cornice for desired results
  • Custom matching of finishes to the authentic material provided by the designer

Architectural Fiberglass is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass cornice moldings, manufactured to replicate most finishes including cast iron, stone and popular building materials. They offer a wide range of finishes from smooth matte to rough stone texture.

Their manufacturing process involves customizing gel coat with additives such as granite, glass or metallic flakes and the final product looks indistinguishable from the authentic material.

SAF Perimeter Systems

SAF Perimeter Systems roof cornice manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Designer Series Cornices and Gutters
  • Extruded Aluminum Cornices and Gutters
  • Industrial Gutters
  • Commercial Downspouts
  • Coping, Gravel Stops, and Fascia

SAF Perimeter Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cornice and gutter products for commercial buildings. Their Designer Series offers a wide range of formed and extruded aluminum options, along with dentils, brackets, flutes, and engravings.

Their prestigious clientele includes government buildings, universities, corporations, schools, banks and many others at various locations across the USA.

Metal-Era, Inc.


Contact phone: (800) 558-2162

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Creative Design Cornice Fascia for BUR or Modified roof systems
  • Pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs
  • Slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement and spacing
  • 20-Year, 120 MPH Wind Warranty
  • Sell Sheet for Creative Design Series Fascia

This company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality roof cornice products designed to satisfy any building’s aesthetic needs. Their Creative Design Series Cornice Fascia for BUR or Modified roof systems offers distinct profiles and comes with pre-punched holes to reduce labor costs during installation.

The company also provides a 20-year, 120 MPH wind warranty on its products, giving customers confidence in their durability and longevity.

Mouldex Mouldings


Contact phone: (501) 601-7278

Services provided:

  • Manufacturing of exterior cornice/crown mouldings
  • Use of EPS core and exclusive cement coating for lightweight and versatile composite mouldings
  • Resistance to rain, snow, and changes in temperature
  • Maintenance-free mouldings
  • Ability to manufacture larger profiles in one piece, avoiding splitting and rotting issues associated with wood mouldings.

Mouldex is a leading manufacturer of lightweight and maintenance-free exterior cornice/crown mouldings that protect structures while adding a touch of elegance. Their EPS core with an exclusive cement coating offers advantages over traditional wood-based products, such as durability against weather changes and resistance to splitting, rotting and breakdown.

B&B Sheet Metal

B&B Sheet Metal roof cornice manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Fabrication of custom cornices in various materials
  • Combination of traditional and modern techniques for design and fabrication
  • Ability to manufacture any style of cornice, from simple to elaborate
  • Expertise in bending and connecting copper and lead-coated copper materials
  • In-house shop technicians with years of experience in customization to exact specifications.

B&B Sheet Metal is an experienced and versatile manufacturer of custom cornices. With a focus on quality materials such as copper and stainless steel, they use traditional techniques paired with modern technology to deliver products that conform to their clients’ exact needs.

With over a century in the industry and recognition by the New York State Landmark Conservatory, B&B is committed to satisfying even the most elaborate project requirements.

Eagle Cornice

Eagle Cornice roof cornice manufacturer

Contact phone: (636) 558-5778

Services provided:

  • Complete line of roofing and sheet metal services
  • Assistance in determining the right roofing system
  • Variety of roofing systems available
  • Expertise in fabricating and installing metal roof solutions
  • Award-winning and talented staff

Eagle Cornice Company is a trusted and experienced roofing and sheet metal solutions provider in New England, with over 122 years of expertise. They offer a range of quality roofing systems from industry-leading brands and top-notch sheet metal fabrication and installation services.

Detroit Cornice & Slate Co.

Detroit Cornice & Slate Co. roof cornice manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Cornice Restoration
  • Tile Roofs
  • Slate Roofs
  • Metal Roofing
  • Architectural Details

Detroit Cornice & Slate is a trusted and experienced manufacturer that specializes in replicating and refurbishing cornices of different applications. They offer high-quality services for tile roofs, slate roofs, metal roofing, architectural details, domes, and turrets with unique visual qualities that make each project stand out.

KM Sheet Metal

KM Sheet Metal roof cornice manufacturer

Contact phone: (727) 934-1847

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Custom made copper, aluminum, and steel cornices
  • CAD drawing and laser cutting services
  • Specialized crew for working with radius corner pieces and dentil portions
  • Pre-manufactured miters available
  • Replication and custom manufacturing of cornice designs

K&M Sheet Metal is a leading manufacturer of custom-made cornices in copper, aluminum and steel. The company offers a wide range of cornice designs, including those with dentil details or simple features.

With everything CAD drawn and laser cut to perfection, K&M’s specialized crew can work with radius corner pieces, soldered seams and replicate any design of your choice.

Metal-Era, LLC


Contact phone: (800) 558-2162

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Creative Design Series Cornice Fascia for single ply roofs
  • Pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs
  • Slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement and spacing
  • Eave fascias, roof accessories, and roof perimeter flashings
  • Manufactured gravel stops and fasciae

Metalera is a leading manufacturer of eave fascias, roof accessories and perimeter flashings for steep slope roofing. Their Creative Design Series Cornice Fascia is perfect for single ply roofs that need an aesthetically pleasing profile.

One of their key selling points is that they manufacture pre-punched holes in their fascia products, which lowers labor costs and ensures faster installation times.

Drexel Metals

Drexel Metals roof cornice manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Design ingenuity and skilled craftsmanship for creative formmaking
  • Full line of tooling to produce shapes to precise specifications
  • Reproduction of traditional cornice designs with CNC accuracy
  • Prefabricated dentils, finals, and corners for easy installation
  • Customized shapes for architectural appeal and unlimited contemporary designs

Drexel Metals is a highly skilled and innovative roof cornice manufacturer that offers an impressive range of tooling options to produce bespoke designs, historic reproductions, and contemporary shapes with CNC accuracy. Their prefabricated corners, dentils, and finals make installation easy for enhanced visual appeal.

With a variety of durable materials and finishes like Kynar 500®, Anodized or Powder Coated available, they provide life-long warranty solutions to all cornice applications.

Canamould Extrusions Inc.


Contact phone: (866) 874-6762

Services provided:

  • Exterior cornice moulding for commercial and residential applications
  • Widest range of architectural exterior foam cornice mouldings
  • CCMC tested and approved products
  • Product brochures and installation instructions available
  • Accessibility policy in place

Canamould is the leading manufacturer of exterior cornice moulding that offers a wide range of architectural foam cornice mouldings for commercial and residential use. With their products’ superior quality, clients can add elegance to any building easily.

Huber Roofing Inc.

Huber Roofing Inc. roof cornice manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Custom metal cornice mouldings installation
  • Embellishment of standard roofs with decorative cornices and architectural cladding
  • Bringing unique visions of homeowners, architects, and engineers to life
  • Restoration of historical buildings with a commitment to excellence
  • Award-winning work and accolades for their services

Huber & Associates is a well-respected company that specializes in creating custom metal cornice mouldings for luxury properties around the world. They have won numerous awards for their work on historical buildings and are known for their commitment to excellence.

Columns and Balustrades

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Polyurethane Balustrades
  • Polymer Stone Balustrades
  • Fiberglass Columns
  • Vinyl Shutters
  • Cornice Systems

This manufacturer offers a wide range of architectural products such as balustrades, columns, and cornices made from materials such as polyurethane, fiberglass, and vinyl. They also provide expert consultation for their customers through their toll-free number.