The Top 28 Roof Davit Manufacturers

Last updated on September 19, 2023

Roof davits are an important piece of equipment for those working at heights, and in this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

When it comes to constructing or maintaining buildings, safety is always a top priority. And one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring safety in high-rise structures is having a reliable and durable roof davit system.

Roof davits are not just any ordinary equipment – they have the power to protect workers who perform hazardous tasks at height, whether it’s cleaning windows, repairing façades, or inspecting roofs. As such, it’s essential to choose a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer when investing in this critical piece of equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of roof davit manufacturers and explore what sets them apart from each other so that you can make an informed decision on which brand to trust with your building project’s safety needs.

Atlas Anchor Systems

Atlas Anchor Systems roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (435) 594-2432

Services provided:

  • Fall Arrest & Restraint Anchors
  • Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL)
  • Vertical Lifeline System
  • Monorail System
  • Davit System

ATLAS, in partnership with SPIDER, offers a comprehensive range of fall protection products including horizontal and vertical lifelines, building maintenance units and davit systems. Their galvanized steel sockets and high-strength aluminum alloy mast make their Davit systems a popular choice which can be customized to suit your needs.

Operating nationally, their easy to operate and effective solutions make them an affordable choice for building owners or managers in need of rooftop safety products.

Knickerbocker Roofing


Contact phone: (708) 339-7260

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Manufactures roof davit systems for supporting equipment suspended from a building’s roof or edge
  • Offers roof-rigged and ground-rigged varieties of davit systems
  • Provides easy-to-operate davit systems that work on multi-story buildings
  • Ensures safe access and egress to the roof with motorized platforms
  • Mitigates risks of accidents or falls for maintenance personnel

This company specializes in manufacturing roof davit systems that support suspended equipment for window washing and other building maintenance tasks. Their products are designed with safety measures such as tie-back systems and easy operation, and can be used on both multi-story buildings and ground-level applications.

They offer a range of options for customers to choose from, including roof-rigged and ground-rigged varieties.

Applied Technical Services


Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • The company provides Certs and Standards services.
  • The company offers Acquisition services, including Acquisition History and Acquisition Strategy.
  • The company is a part of the ATS Family of Companies.
  • The company provides Radiation Test Solutions in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • The company offers IT services in Denver, CO.

This company is a manufacturer of roof davits and provides its services to various industries. They have locations in several states across the US and can be contacted at +1 (888) 287-5227 for further information.



Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Offers FallTech® davit systems with or without mechanical devices
  • Provides rugged yet lightweight systems for temporary vertical entry
  • Features offset arms, mast extensions, and adjustable bases made of steel and powder-coated aluminum alloy
  • Offers a selection of fixed bases for permanent installation
  • Provides fixed bases engineered for cast-in or bolt-on installation to new and existing concrete and steel structures

FallTech is a confident and reliable manufacturer of roof davit systems with state-of-the-art facilities for testing and accreditation. Their products are engineered to be lightweight while offering efficient movement in most confined spaces, providing the right solution for demanding environments that require exceptional safety measures.

Summit Anchor Co.


Contact phone: (404) 337-6929

Services provided:

  • Davit and outrigger manual
  • Davit layout and configuration
  • Davit space set-up requirements
  • Davit setup instructions
  • Davit base connection details – concrete and steel

This company specializes in the manufacture of roof davits designed for ground and roof rigging platforms and rope descent systems. Their products offer efficient solutions for accessing difficult-to-reach areas beyond non-load bearing parapets or other architectural features of buildings that may be easily damaged.

The company provides comprehensive instructions on davit layout, configuration, space set-up requirements, base connection details, capacity requirements, power requirements, and setup procedures to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Pro-Bel US


Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Davit Systems
  • Outrigger Beam
  • Monorail
  • Permanent Powered Platforms
  • Stabilization Systems

Pro-Bel Group is a reliable and innovative roof davit systems manufacturer based in Canada. They offer a wide selection of high-quality davit arms, bases, sockets, and adapters for various applications along with other safety-related products such as tie-back anchors, rigging sleeves, and industrial fall protection.

SafeGuard Industries

Services provided:

  • Custom davit façade access designs for building maintenance
  • Suspended Davit Arm Systems for raising, lowering, and suspending personnel
  • Permanent or temporary access rooftop support systems for elevating platforms
  • Durable base plate made of 16mm hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Compliant with CAL/OSHA and IBC standards for safety and regulations

This company provides custom davit façade access designs that are an integral part of a building’s maintenance strategy. Their suspended davit arm system is perfect for safe and compliant window washing, siding repairs, painting, etc.

All their components are designed to meet CAL/OSHA and IBC standards.

Edge Fall Protection

Edge Fall Protection roof davit manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 lbs capacity; 1,200 lbs fully retracted
  • Various options available for davit crane fall protection systems
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant davit crane made of advanced composite material
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Provides a versatile davit crane system for lifting, transporting, and safety operations.

EDGE Fall Protection is a U.S.A. Based manufacturer of durable and corrosion-resistant telescoping davit crane systems that can handle heavy loads up to 550 pounds lifting capacity and 1,200 pounds fully retracted.

Their easy-to-assemble modular arm and pedestal-based structures are available in various customized options for specific work site needs.

Flexible Lifeline Systems

Flexible Lifeline Systems roof davit manufacturer

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Services provided:

  • Support systems for suspended platforms
  • Davit and socket systems implementation worldwide
  • Customizable systems
  • Practical permanent suspension system with high-strength aluminum alloy construction
  • Galvanized steel embeds for safe and convenient rigging locations

This firm provides high-quality and reliable davit arms, pedestals, and support systems for worldwide suspended platform access to rooftops. Their davits are constructed with patented lightweight aluminum material, while their socket systems are made of galvanized steel embeds that can be customized based on the aesthetic needs of a public space.

With roof-rigged or ground-rigged options available, this company offers safe egress strategies to maintenance personnel working at various heights within a building’s structure.

Rooftop Anchor, Inc.

Rooftop Anchor, Inc. roof davit manufacturer

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Services provided:

  • Rigid anchorages for suspended access applications
  • Single-point solutions for tie off, including surface-mounted options
  • Davit systems for easy stowage and installation
  • Outriggers and rigging sleeves for use with powered platforms or scaffolding
  • Horizontal lifeline systems attached to Axis rigid anchorages for safe rooftop access

This company provides a comprehensive range of suspended access solutions including rigid anchorages, single-point tie off options, davit systems, and horizontal lifeline systems. With a focus on safety and ease of use, their extruded rigid rail systems can accommodate multiple users simultaneously while architectural monorail systems are customized for each site to provide safe rooftop access.

Roodsafe Ltd.

Roodsafe Ltd. roof davit manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Single rider abseil system for reach over challenging obstacles in the work area
  • Customizable and cost-effective davit systems for on-demand roof access
  • Multiple different heights and outreach options for davit systems
  • Removable davit arms and coverable bases for a clean and clutter-free working area
  • Cast in davit bases for aesthetic purposes and where it may not be suitable to have a bolt on davit base

This roof davit manufacturer offers a versatile and customizable solution for on-demand safe roof access. Their systems feature multiple height and outreach options, different base configurations, removable arms, and are designed to be easy to disassemble by one person and stored between uses.

All components are made of high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Altus Safety


Contact phone: (650) 970-6363

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Manufacturing of lightweight aluminum davit arms
  • Compliance with BS 8610 standards
  • Modular design for ease of movement between fixed davit bases
  • 180-degree rotation of each davit arm for ease of initial rigging
  • Facade access solutions for challenging obstacles such as glazed balustrades

This company offers high-quality davit arm solutions for a variety of industries including construction and shipping. Their aluminum davit arms are lightweight and comply with safety standards, making them a reliable choice for facade access and lifting heavy equipment.

The modular design allows for easy movement between fixed bases, while the 180-degree rotation feature adds to their convenience.

Diversified Fall Protection


Contact phone: (332) 481-0954

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Provides davit systems for suspended maintenance activities
  • Offers portable and permanently mounted davit bases
  • Fabricates davit assemblies with height and reach to suit parapet height
  • Supports powered platforms with two davit assemblies
  • Constructs davit assemblies primarily with aluminum to minimize weight

This company offers effective and reliable solutions for suspended maintenance activities with their high-quality davit systems. They provide portable and easy-to-relocate assemblies that are compatible with various building structures and attachment methods, ensuring safe access to the building façade.

Their products are constructed primarily with aluminum to minimize weight, and they also offer customized applications for projects with unique architectural requirements.

Leofab Asia Pte Ltd

Leofab Asia Pte Ltd roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (640) 217-6628

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Manufacturing of Davit Systems for facade and window cleaning
  • Installation of Davit Systems in buildings
  • Maintenance and repair services for Davit Systems
  • Customization of Davit Systems as per client requirements
  • Consultation and advice on choosing the right Davit System for specific building needs

This company specializes in providing effective davit systems for facade and window cleaning, making it easier to clean tall buildings. They offer two types of davits – low profile and high profile – to cater to varied requirements.

Their systems are made of aluminium and mild steel material, ensuring durability and safety.

Peak Supply Company

Peak Supply Company roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (201) 810-0519

Services provided:

  • Fall protection systems
  • Confined space equipment
  • Maintenance services for various types of vehicles and equipment
  • Ladder safety products and accessories
  • Above ground steel storage tanks

This reputable roof davit manufacturer offers a broad range of fall protection equipment and systems for various industries, from cable ladder safety equipment to advanced confined space systems. They cater to customers in transportation, industrial plant maintenance, and more with exceptional customer service.

Tractel® US


Services provided:

  • Portable davits for building access on structures up to 490 feet high
  • Two-piece davits designed for easy transport and storage
  • Track mounted Powered Davit Carriage building maintenance units for low, mid, and high-rise buildings
  • Equipment suitable for buildings with limited roof access or obstacles
  • Capable of servicing buildings up to 650 feet high with roof mounted hoists and 490 feet high with self-powered platforms.

Tractel® is a trustworthy and experienced manufacturer of portable davits and powered platforms that are the most cost-effective solution for building access in North America, with capabilities to reach up to 650 feet. Their two-piece davits are easy to transport and store, while their track-mounted powered davit carriage units suit buildings where traditional davits cannot be used.

High Engineering

High Engineering roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (640) 186-3451

Services provided:

  • Design and installation of socket, davit, and tieback façade access solutions
  • Complaint, safe and effective solutions for work that requires davit systems and anchorages
  • Davit systems for buildings taller than 130 feet or buildings with unique or complex façade features
  • Davit systems include sockets, bases and arms and are often used with suspended scaffold equipment and tieback anchors
  • All systems are designed and installed to meet CSA Z271 “Safety Code for Suspended Platforms” and CSA Z91 “Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations”

High Engineering is a reliable and experienced company that offers specialized roof davit systems for tall buildings with complex façade features requiring maintenance tasks such as window washing, caulking, and painting. Their expert installation expertise ensures compliant, safe solutions to connect suspension lines and fall arrest equipment meeting the highest safety standards.


RISsafety roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (252) 780-2367

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Design and manufacture of customised roof safety systems
  • Installation of roof safety systems
  • Testing of roof safety systems to comply with AS/NZS 5532:2013 standards
  • Inspection services to ensure compliance over time
  • Provision of Davit Arms for fall arrest or abseil applications

RISsafety is a leading manufacturer of roof davit arms that are designed to meet the specific needs of different sites and parapets. The company’s Davit Arms are made from high-quality materials and can be easily moved around on-site for fall arrest or abseil applications, giving users complete flexibility and control.

Plus, RISsafety offers customised roof safety systems to ensure that your site remains safe and in compliance with all relevant regulations over time.

Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics roof davit manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Manufactures the X500 Free-Standing Anchor for fall protection
  • Provides a rotatable 360-degree overhead anchor point
  • Offers a steel construction with tough powder coat finish
  • Tests the X500 to meet the strict requirements of OSHA
  • Provides an overhead anchor point up to 20’ for one worker with 30-degrees of working radius

Malta Dynamics is a reliable roof davit manufacturer in the USA, offering top-of-the-line fall protection equipment. Their X500 Free-Standing Anchor, with its rotatable 360-degree overhead anchor point and compact design, provides an excellent solution for loading and unloading situations indoors or outdoors.

With OSHA-compliant testing and features such as multi-position boom lock and forklift pockets, users can work confidently knowing they are safe from hazardous swing falls.

Glass & Metal Construction Inc.

Glass & Metal Construction Inc. roof davit manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Review and analysis of new or existing buildings for safe, practical, code compliant suspended access
  • Recommendations and real solutions for Building Maintenance Units (BMU) to davits, fall protection and anchorage systems
  • Professional, honest and realistic design review
  • Inspection, testing, and certification of anchorages for both new and existing buildings
  • Written verification for job hazard analysis (JHA) or Site Specific Safe Work Plan.

Service One Access is a professional and reliable company that reviews and analyzes new or existing buildings for safe, practical, code compliant suspended access. With their expertise in Building Maintenance Units (BMU), davits, fall protection and anchorage systems, and real solutions recommendations, clients can trust them to ensure the safety of personnel working on the building.

They are well-versed with OSHA’s regulations on walking and working surfaces and assist building owners/managers by providing strict inspection, testing, certification for anchorages along with written verification required for job hazard analysis (JHA) or Site Specific Safe Work Plan.

Miller Rescue/Material Handling Davit Arm

Miller Rescue/Material Handling Davit Arm roof davit manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Manufacturing and selling of Miller Rescue/Material Handling Davit Arm
  • Providing lightweight aluminum construction for easy transport and set-up
  • Meeting all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Offering optional wench for the Davit Arm
  • Providing additional resources such as brochures, data sheets, manuals, and videos for customers to access.

Miller by Honeywell is a reliable manufacturer of roof davits. Their Miller Rescue/Material Handling Davit Arm is a lightweight and easy-to-use device that attaches quickly to the Portable Fall Arrest Post for rescue and material handling applications.

With its compliance to all OSHA and ANSI requirements, it ensures safety in work environments.

Lighthouse Safety

Lighthouse Safety roof davit manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Practical and safe suspension system to reduce fall hazards permanently
  • Safety tieback anchors for safe and reliable anchorage points
  • Davit arms and sockets that are easy to operate, economical, and customizable
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy construction for practical suspension system
  • Galvanized steel sockets to fix safety to a building structure

Rooftop Davits is a reliable and practical solution for fall protection. Their safety tieback anchors and davit arms are designed to exceed OSHA standards, offering a safe and customizable option for all your rooftop maintenance needs.

Their lightweight aluminum alloy construction delivers excellent suspension while the galvanized steel sockets ensure sturdy structural support.

Roofsafe Industrial Safety


Services provided:

  • Designing Davit Arms to suit most parapet and site requirements
  • Providing Davit Arms that can be moved around to numerous bases on site for fall arrest or abseil applications
  • Offering Davit Arms designed to 12 and 15kN rating, complying with AS/NZS 5532:2013 standards
  • Manufacturing Davit Arms from a combination of Aluminium and Galvanized Mild Steel for use in both fall arrest and fall restraint applications
  • Providing retrofitting and fixing options for Davit Arms to concrete walls or floors, as well as steel work

RIS is a reputable roof davit arm manufacturer that designs and manufactures high-quality, AS/NZS 5532:2013 compliant arms that can be customized to meet various parapet and site requirements. Their versatile arms are made from durable materials, such as aluminum and galvanized mild steel, which make them suitable for fall arrest or abseil applications in both concrete walls/floors and steelwork.

Harcon Services

Harcon Services roof davit manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Safe and rotating overhead rope access
  • Davit arms anchor solution for isolated strips and areas without suitable parapet protection
  • Rotating overhead anchor for abseil, rescue/evacuation, and material handling tasks
  • Easy rigging and ascent/descent to minimize the risk of injury or fall
  • Recovery winches and powered retrieval systems for maximum safety

Harcon is a leading roof davits manufacturer that provides an effective anchor solution for abseiling, rescue/evacuation and material handling tasks. Their innovative rotating overhead anchor ensures full protection while being easy to hide when not in use, making it an ideal choice for those seeking safety and discretion.

FallProof Systems

FallProof Systems roof davit manufacturer

Contact phone: (855) 279-2000

Facebook page: Facebook

Services provided:

  • Provides davit arm systems for fall protection in confined space entry and retrieval, as well as rescue
  • Offers variable configurations of davit arm systems from many different manufacturers, including temporary or permanent, manual or motorized, adjustable or fixed, and available in many different sizes
  • Helps select and adapt davit arm systems for specific locations, making them an integral part of any plan meeting the requirements of OSHA Regulation 1910.146 – Permit Required Confined Spaces
  • Provides advance planning and coordination as a critical component of worker safety in potentially dangerous situations
  • Offers a range of permanent and temporary installation options for davit arm systems, including those that can be used with many different permanent and portable bases, providing great flexibility.

FallProof is a reputable manufacturer of davit arm systems, providing versatile and effective solutions for safety during confined space entry, retrieval, and rescue. With a range of configurations available from temporary to permanent installations, manual to motorized options in various sizes, FallProof’s products meet OSHA Regulation 1910.146 requirements for worker safety.

Their expertise allows them to evaluate customer requirements and provide tailored solutions with excellent customer service.

Infinite Facade Solutions

Contact phone: (804) 896-8522

Services provided:

  • Suspended Platform
  • Cradle System
  • Suspended Platform Rental and Repair Service
  • Cleaning Cradle
  • Suspended Platform Control Panel

This Indian-based company specializes in manufacturing and supplying various products for suspended platforms, such as roof-mounted davit brackets, cradle systems, working platforms, and more. They offer a minimum order quantity of 1 piece with a delivery time of 1-2 days and use wooden hard box packaging to ensure safe transport.

ICBS Texas

ICBS Texas roof davit manufacturer

Services provided:

  • Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems
  • Customized Safety & Access Equipment
  • Domestic & Fire Suppression Water Tanks
  • Parking Garage Repair & Restoration
  • Compliance Certification & Inspection Services

ICBS is an expert in designing, manufacturing, and certifying fall protection/fall arrest systems including tie backs, davits and davit arms. Their exclusive partnership with Harken Products ensures quality equipment to minimize risk with OSHA and ANSI compliant systems.

They offer load tests, inspections of structural elements for defects or movement and customized safety & access equipment to ensure the highest measure of safety for workers/contractors/employees.

Suspended Stages


Services provided:

  • Permanent Systems (Roof Anchor Systems, Davit Systems, Permanent Outriggers, Monorail Systems, Rolling Ladders, Gantry Access Systems, Permanent Power Platforms and BMU)
  • Rental Equipment (Suspended Platform, Modular, Chairs & Cages, Tirak, Pocket Climber, Astro Hoist, Hi-Lo Climber, Manual Winch)
  • Fall Protection Solutions (Harness, Lifeline, Safety Lanyards, Rope Grab, Safety Anchor)
  • Inspections, Certifications, Custom Access, Hazard & Risk Analysis, Rigging & De-Rigging, Swing Stage Training, Fall Protection Training, Equipment Repair
  • Design, Manufacturing, and Installation of Permanent Systems and Fall Protection Solutions.

This highly experienced and trustworthy roof davit manufacturer has been providing fall protection solutions since 1981. They offer both permanent roof anchor systems as well as rental equipment, including suspended platforms, modular chairs & cages, Tirak pocket climbers and more.

With their extensive knowledge in the access industry, they are able to cater to even the most complex applications while prioritizing safety, service and ingenuity at all times.