Modern Metal Roof Designs (Trends 2023)

Last updated on October 1, 2023

We love creating new roofing designs in our little workshop. Not only following the latest trends but also trying to introduce some new ideas as well.

This is our latest installment of fresh, unique roof designs. You’ll notice how dark metal roofs dominate the examples. They’re a major trend this year.

And, of course, we’re all about eco-friendly and sustainable design, so we also use solar panels extensively in our designs.

Modern Metal Black Roofs

modern black metal gable roof

Set in the peaceful solitude of a mature tree-lined enclave, this modern house exudes a sense of sleek sophistication and harmonious balance with nature.

A striking black metal roof highlights the contemporary architectural design, its bold contrast adding depth and intrigue to the overall aesthetic. The roof’s clean, sharp lines complement the light grey siding, whose subtle hue forms a serene backdrop to the lush surrounding greenscape.

modern 2 story house with black metal roof

The exterior walls are adorned with broad, floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interiors with soft, natural light and frame the verdant panorama-like vibrant works of art.

As the sun moves throughout the day, the play of light and shadow across the rooms brings a dynamic, ever-changing atmosphere to the home.

modern black metal slope roof

A defining feature of this modern home is its stunning two-story, full-wall glass facade. Positioned strategically on the side facing the most picturesque view, the facade presents an uninterrupted panorama of the tranquil woodland surrounding the property.

Incorporating such a significant amount of glass into the home’s design reflects a bold commitment to modern architectural trends. It amplifies the residence’s connection to the surrounding environment, immersing the occupants in the sublime beauty of nature while enjoying the comfort of their home.

modern black metal shed-style roof

The house is crowned by an impressive shed-style roof, a signature element of modern architecture, giving the building its distinctive character. The roof’s striking black metal surface slopes steeply, emphasizing the height of the two-story structure while also enhancing rainwater runoff, a practical aspect especially beneficial during the wet season.

The contrast between the black roof and the light grey siding accentuates the building’s geometric simplicity, while the roof’s streamlined design complements the expansive glass wall perfectly.

But perhaps the most enviable feature of the house is the grand terrace extending from the upper floor. This open-air platform, large enough to comfortably accommodate lounge chairs, an outdoor dining set, and even a couple of potted trees, serves as a spectacular vantage point for immersing oneself in the surrounding woodland tapestry.

Solar-Powered Mountain Retreat

white house roof solar panels

A modern, single-story house nestled in the heart of a green mountain range. The house features a sloping solar roof made of slim photovoltaic sheets that replace the traditional shingles, blending seamlessly with the house’s grey and white exterior.

gable solar roof

The roof’s design efficiently captures the abundant sunlight, powering the house and blending modern functionality with rustic charm.

gable roof with terrace and solar panels

Nestled in the majestic grandeur of the mountains, this two-story modern house is the epitome of elegance, sophistication, and environmental responsibility.

The structure’s minimalist design is highlighted by a clean light grey metal roof, a choice that reflects the rugged mountainous tones and stands in striking contrast to the pure white of the exterior walls.

2 story house grey metal roof with large terrace

Perhaps the house’s most prized feature is the spacious terrace that extends from the upper floor. Guarded by a sturdy yet sleek glass balustrade, the terrace invites one to immerse in the crisp mountain air, soak in the sunshine, or gaze upon the sea of stars in the clear night sky.

Whether for solitary moments of reflection or convivial gatherings with friends, this terrace serves as a stage for unforgettable mountain memories.

Urban Dwelling with Impact-Resistant Shingles

urban townhouse

An urban two-story townhouse situated in a bustling cityscape. It has a gable roof design covered with black impact-resistant shingles. The shingles are designed to withstand the city’s notorious hail storms, ensuring the fiberglass beneath remains unscathed.

The stark contrast of the black roof against the townhouse’s red brick exterior provides a modern look that stands out amidst the city’s historic architecture.

Coastal Home with Metal Roof

grey metal roof bungalow with gable

A chic coastal bungalow located near a serene beach. The home features a light gray metal roof with a standing seam design, perfect for resisting the high winds coming from the sea.

black siding and light grey metal roof

The roof’s lighter shade compliments the black exterior of the house, creating a contemporary aesthetic that matches the relaxed vibe of the coastal area.

grey metal roof covered porch

The bungalow’s single-story design lends itself to a relaxed, accessible lifestyle, with the light grey roof sloping gently over a wide, covered front porch – a key feature of the property.

This welcoming outdoor living space, replete with cozy seating and ocean-inspired decor, invites residents and guests alike to slow down and savor the rhythmic lullaby of distant waves, the refreshing salt-laden breeze, and the mesmerizing vista of sea meeting sky.

light exterior and roof with accent black window and door trim

Adding an element of visual interest to the bungalow’s soothing color palette, contrasting black door and window exterior trim contribute to a contemporary and stylish aesthetic. The bold black frames around the large windows accentuate the magnificent views of the coastal landscape, enhancing the bright light and vivid colors of the seaside environment.

Farmhouse with Stone-Coated Metal Shingles

modern farmhouse grey metal roof

An expansive farmhouse situated in a rural area with high winds. The farmhouse features a hip grey metal roof design.

modern farmhouse shingle roof

The metal roof offers superior resistance against the wind. The farmhouse’s earthy brown exterior and the roof’s weathered wood color harmoniously blend with the surrounding rustic landscape.

modern farmhouse stone siding

The structure’s majestic silhouette is crowned by a large, light grey metal roof that slopes gracefully over the two-story dwelling. The roof offers a clean, streamlined look that complements the farmhouse’s modern design while ensuring long-lasting, durable protection against diverse weather conditions.

two story farmhouse with chimney

Adding to the charm of this modern farmhouse is a signature chimney, a standout feature that marries both function and aesthetics. Crafted from the same natural stone as the siding, the chimney echoes the rustic texture of the house and integrates seamlessly with the overall design.

Suburban Home with Solar and Impact-Resistant Shingles

suburban black shingles gable

A contemporary suburban family home set in a lush neighborhood. The home boasts a combination of gray solar shingles and impact-resistant shingles on its complex hip and valley roof, a nod to both energy efficiency and durability.

suburban black shingles and solar panels

The home’s soft white exterior and the dark roof create a pleasing contrast, making it a standout in the leafy suburb.

suburban hip and valley black shingle roof

The house is crowned with a robust, black shingled roof, which provides a striking contrast against the lighter tones of the exterior walls. The roof’s textured appeal and deep hue add a depth of character to the property while offering a durable shield against diverse weather conditions.

suburban metal roof shingles

Adding a progressive twist to the traditional suburban home, an array of sleek solar panels are neatly integrated into the roof’s structure. These panels absorb the abundant sunlight, converting it into clean, renewable energy to power the home.

This eco-friendly feature significantly reduces the home’s carbon footprint and offers potential savings on energy bills, striking a balance between environmental responsibility and modern living needs.

Lakeside Retreat Under Metal Roof

modern black metal roof lakeside

Perched serenely on the edge of a tranquil lake, this modern retreat emerges as a silhouette against the mesmerizing backdrop of still waters and towering trees. The home’s striking exterior design blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings, taking full advantage of the breathtaking lakeside views.

modern lakeside cliff retreat

This theme of dark, dramatic elegance continues with the home’s exterior siding. Clad in dark materials, the facade helps the retreat blend seamlessly into its environment during the twilight hours, while standing out as a striking architectural statement in the daylight.

Large windows punctuate the dark exterior, providing glimpses of the warm, inviting spaces within and framing picturesque views of the lake and landscape beyond.

modern black sloped gable roof

This distinctive lakeside retreat is crowned by a unique, lop-sided gable roof that adds an intriguing element of asymmetry to the design.

The roof’s higher section accommodates a tall, dramatic ceiling that not only enhances the sense of spaciousness but also allows for grand, elevated windows, bathing the interiors with natural light and breathtaking views.